Dear fellow loss parents and families,


My name is Holly. I wear a lot of different hats in life but the most important ones are what keep me going each day. I am a wife to the most incredible husband and father. I am a mother to the two most beautiful, sweet children; one whom we get to hold in our arms here on earth and one in heaven whom we hold in our hearts.

I am a grieving mother. Each day, I put one foot in front of the other and try my best to navigate life after the loss of our infant daughter. Each day, I try my best to figure out how to balance between grief and joy here in the present. I’d be lying if I said I didn’t struggle in that department.

If you have found my blog, it is my hope that by reading my words and experiences, you will be able to relate and feel supported as a grieving parent, sibling, family member or friend.

My husband and I are now part of a club that we never asked to join; that no one asked to join, in fact. It’s an ugly club. It’s a club that every parent tries to avoid at all costs. Nevertheless, this club is part of who we are and we’ve learned to embrace it, stand together, support and be supported as we continue to move forward each day.

I am so sorry that you are part of this club, too. But in spite of it all, I am sure glad you’re here.

My heart is with you as we walk this road together… one day, one hour, one minute, one step at a time.